Welcome to the THz Integrated Circuits and Systems Lab led by Prof. Li (CV), an Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University. Our Lab is devoted to developing advanced RF, millimeter-wave, and THz integrated circuits and systems. The ongoing research topics are listed, but not limited to, as follows:

  1. RF, mm-wave, and THz integrated circuit designs.
  2. High-efficiency and broadband THz antennas, low-loss and broadband THz packaging techniques, and low-loss THz transmission lines.
  3. High-performance THz phased-array transceivers.
  4. THz imaging radars and THz high-speed wireless communication systems.
  5. 5G/B5G/6G wireless communication systems.
  6. Low-noise amplifier, power amplifier, up-conversion/down-conversion mixer, VCO, frequency divider, frequency multiplier, phase shifter, SPST/SPDT switch, transistor EM modeling, etc.
  7. Multi-band and high-efficiency RF energy harvesting systems and high-power wireless power transmission systems.


  1. 射頻、毫米波及太赫茲積體電路設計。
  2. 高效率及寬頻太赫茲天線、低損耗及寬頻太赫茲封裝技術及抵損耗太赫茲傳輸線。
  3. 高效能太赫茲相位陣列收發機。
  4. 太赫茲雷達、太赫茲影像系統、太赫茲生醫影像系統及太赫茲高速無線通訊系統。
  5. 5G/B5G/6G無線通訊系統。
  6. 低雜訊放大器、功率放大器、升頻/降頻混頻器、壓控振盪器、除頻器、倍頻器、相移器、SPST/SPDT開關及電晶體電磁建模等。
  7. 多頻及高效率RF獵能系統及高功率無線功率傳輸系統。



Dec. 2022

Prof. Li receives the 2022 Academic Contribution Award, EECS College, National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學電機資訊學院學術貢獻獎). Congratulations!

Oct. 2022

Prof. Li receives the Outstanding Youth Electrical Engineer Award (中國電機工程學會「優秀青年電機工程師獎」) from the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering. Congratulations!

Jul. 2022

Prof. Li joins the TC-21 Terahertz Technology and Applications Committee of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society (MTT-S).

Jun. 2022


May 2022

Te-Yen receives “2022國研院台灣半導體研究中心成果發表會優良晶片之優等設計獎”. Congratulations!

Nov. 2021

Te-Yen’s single-band, dual-band, and broadband millimeter-wave and (sub-) THz interconnects for THz heterogeneous system integration have been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology. Congratulations!

Oct. 2021

Te-Yen receives “中技社科技獎學金”. Congratulations!

Jul. 2021

Te-Yen’s 340-GHz THz imager with a 256-element antenna array has been accepted for publication in IEEE Access. Congratulations!

Jun. 2021

Prof. Li serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE Access.

Jun. 2021

Te-Yen’s THz SIW and SIW filter designs in GaAs Technology have been accepted for publication in IEEE Access. Congratulations!

Feb. 2021

Ke-Deng and Te-Yens’ reconfigurable Ka-band receiver has been accepted for publication in IEEE Access. Congratulations!

Feb. 2021

Prof. Li has been elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior member. Congratulations!